September 29, 2022

Announcing the official launch of Maya

Announcing the official launch of Maya
At Maya, we are solving the world’s most pressing capital allocation problem. We believe that investments in Nature-based Solutions need to be significantly accelerated to achieve urgently needed climate impact. We have built the technology platform to help the world's most active institutional investors to do just that. 

The power of nature 

Nature-based Solutions have the potential to deliver a third of all required emission reductions for the 2030 global climate goals (World Economic Forum, 2021). In addition to their highly scalable carbon potential, those restoration and conservation projects bring significant co-benefits, such as creating jobs for local communities in the most vulnerable regions and protecting endangered species.

Historically the value of nature was hugely underestimated and only recently became an emerging asset class for institutional investors via new financing mechanisms (Bain & Company, 2022). Nature-based Solutions get financed through public, blended, or private financing mechanisms. Due to the spike in net zero pledges from large emitters globally, voluntary carbon markets have become a key source of capital for financing Nature-based Solutions (McKinsey, 2021). 

As institutional investors anticipate a long-term demand increase for the credits generated by Nature-based Solutions, they are rushing to set up new vehicles to finance early-stage projects. They are creating a new project financing market for Nature-based Solutions.

Inefficiencies in early-stage project financing

Historically project developers of nature-based carbon assets would finance the early stages of project development until the project generates carbon credits off their balance sheet. With surging demand and credit inventories dropping at a significant pace, there is a critical pre-financing gap for Nature-based Solutions (WWF, 2022)

Financial intermediaries are partnering with early-stage projects to help build a more resilient supply side. But sourcing and assessing early-stage projects today is broken.

As investors are rushing to identify new project opportunities, they are looking at projects from the pre-feasibility stage onwards, where projects are 4-5 years ahead of certification and first credit issuance. This means having to source and assess thousands of concept notes from local project developers in different languages, formats & information depth. The high fragmentation of project opportunities, manual data exchange, and poor communication is causing slow capital deployment from investors and leaving many early-stage projects stuck.

Introducing Maya to unlock and accelerate investments in Nature-based Solutions

Our technology platform gives investors the digital tools to originate projects globally and run their due diligence on all relevant technical, financial, legal, and developer information of early-stage projects to accelerate their investment decision. For developers, we offer a direct channel to market their pipeline of nature-based carbon projects to curated institutional investors and get the most competitive terms.

A few weeks after launching our platform we have onboarded leading carbon funds and nature-focused asset managers with nine-digit AUM that are actively sourcing for new opportunities daily. At the same time we received numerous proposals from project developers looking for upfront financing and have curated over 1 million hectares of project opportunities on our platform.

How Maya works 

We believe software is the key to accelerating investments into Nature-based Solutions.

Project Developers list structured deal rooms anonymously, for which investors have to request access. Through this mechanism, they control their fundraising process.

We have designed the deal rooms and risk assessment framework with leading investors to cover all relevant investment criteria. Dealrooms cover all relevant technical, financial, and legal project data.

Investors can assess the unit economics of the project based on projected emission reductions or removals and analyze the financial viability and additionality of the project based on their future carbon credit price assumptions.

In addition to the due diligence modules, the platform offers management tools for investors to collaborate with multiple users and streamline their investment process.

Want to join Maya?

If you are developing nature-based carbon assets or looking to invest in those, please reach out to our team to get access to our platform. You can contact us directly here.