Get direct access to upfront financing for your nature-based carbon projects

Directly market your pipeline of nature-based carbon projects to curated institutional investors and get competitive terms for long term  streaming or offtake agreements and more

„Restoring and conserving our natural ecosystems is a key priority for effective climate impact. We  help developers from day one by accelerating investments into their early stage projects!"

Till Tornieporth

„Maya is the missing piece in the climate finance equation. Our data-driven risk assessment enables faster matchmaking between developers & investors.“

Christian-Hauke Poensgen

For carbon asset developers

Maya centralizes access to capital from the most trusted carbon investors and gives carbon asset developers a direct platform to market their project pipeline to them, reducing time spent on individual fundraising and due diligence activities. Our team helps developers to prepare all relevant materials, get their projects funding ready and secure financing faster and with sustainable terms.

For carbon asset investors

Maya offers a curated investment pipeline of unique nature-based carbon projects on a global scale. Our teams source opportunities from pre-feasibility to validation stage and our software allows  you to assess all relevant technical, financial and legal project data and accelerate your investment decision.

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