Our goal? Enabling businesses to transform geospatial data into actionable insights faster

At Maya, we are revolutionising how businesses incorporate geospatial data into their decision-making process to drive value creation. By combining geospatial intelligence with AI, we aim to make geospatial data more accessible for every organisation. 

As geospatial datasets become more accurate and affordable, a series of new business use cases will be unlocked, and we believe that AI will further accelerate the integration of geospatial analysis in business decisions, as analysing and interpreting data will be supported through vertical-specific copilots. 

With Maya, we are building a strong partner for companies looking to enter the new era of geospatially-enabled decision-making.

– Till (left) and Chris (right), Co-Founders

Maya brings together an ambitious, fast, and execution-focused team of experts and is backed by leading industry experts & venture investors.

Christian Poensgen


Prior to co-founding Maya, Chris developed and launched several successful software products while pursuing law studies in Berlin and London. He holds a German law degree and an LL.M. in International Business Law from King's College, London. As a semi-professional classical singer, Chris enjoys discussing classical music. Currently, he is obsessed with exploring how the intersection of generative AI and satellite data can be leveraged to address the climate crisis.

Delphine Zacharias

Business Development Manager

Delphine holds an MSc in Climate Change, Management, and Finance from Imperial College Business School in London, where she graduated top of the class. She focused on climate finance, mitigation of climate change, and climate change governance, amongst other areas. Prior to her masters, Delphine worked in the ESG Service Group at KPMG in the audit of non-financial reports and at Planetly, a climate tech SaaS company that developed digital tools to help companies achieve net zero. She joined Maya in July 2023 as a Founder Associate and is now working as a Business Development Manager.

Elvir Suroji

Software Engineer

Elvir has 5+ years of experience in software development. Prior to joining Maya as a Software Engineer, Elvir worked at a FinTech start-up, where he was mainly responsible for frontend development. Elvir holds an MSc in software engineering from the Technical University of Regensburg, where he researched cloud architecture design.

Max D.

Senior Backend Engineer

Max has 7+ years of experience in software design and development. He started his career at E.ON and has since worked as a software engineer in several earth observation organizations, including the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and Quakesaver. There, he focused on software quality and teaching researchers. He is leading the Back-End Development at Maya. Max holds an BSc in computer science from the HTW of Berlin, where he studied environmental informatics.

Till Tornieporth


Prior to co-founding Maya, Till supported German multinationals in implementing net-zero programs as a strategy consultant. He started his career as a management trainee at a global consumer goods company, working on geographic and business model expansion. Till holds a BSc in business administration from the Hamburg School of Business Administration. He is a passionate athlete, spending most of his free time on the tennis court, the running track, or cycling.

Aurélie Lhumeau

Advisor -  Nature-based Solutions


Henning Huenteler

Advisor - Carbon Markets


Kevin Brennan

Advisor - Carbon Markets


Tilmann Silber

Advisor -  Nature-based Solutions


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