May 3, 2024

May Product Update (1/2): Asset Management & Maya AI

May Product Update (1/2): Asset Management & Maya AI

Discover our new asset management feature - a new way of managing your geo-files - and talk to the Maya AI to support your decisions impacting your sites.

Manage all your polygons with Maya's new asset management feature 🧩

With our new asset management features, you can now efficiently handle all your locations on Maya and customise them with the properties you need.

Your asset can be composed of tens to hundreds of individual polygons; Maya seamlessly detects all of them and extracts their respective properties, providing you with valuable insights.

Why? No more broken files! 🩹

Working with our customers, we've found geo-files break in every possible manner. From entire websites inside features to videos instead of polygons.🤔 We've seen it all!

So, of course, we've tackled this challenge! Say goodbye to fighting your files and import them into our new Asset Management, where you can check their validity before running any analysis.

Chat with Maya AI to understand the analysis results of your assets 💬

Maya AI – Introducing a new way to communicate with your geospatial analyst!

Do you have a question? Maya knows the answer! Maya AI will help you find the correct information in your assets and analysis pipelines, guide you through all of your locations and even suggest starting new analysis pipelines for questions that cannot yet be answered. Give it a try yourself and discover what Maya can already do!

Delphine from Maya Climate 🧡